Zooey Deschanel’s special Christmas decoration method


Zooey deschanel is an American actress, musician, songwriter and model known for her lead role in the series “New Girl”. The actress made her film debut when she appeared in a series called “Veronica’s Closet” and in an American comedy called “Mumford”.

She also starred in films like “Elf”, “Yes Man” and several others. The actress was in two previous marriages with two children from the second. Deschanel is currently dating Jonathan Scott after the two met during a 2019 episode of “Carpool Karaoke: The Series”.

In a recent interview, the actress spoke about how much she enjoys decorating her home while on vacation, and how environmentally friendly her choices are. She also shared some tips on how she went about it. Read on to find out what she said.

Deschanel said she preferred a real Christmas tree

Listing her Christmas decorations in an interview with Showbiz Cheatsheet, Deschanel made sure to announce that she was sticking to choices that were good for the environment. She revealed that instead of an artificial Christmas tree, she preferred to reduce waste by planting a living one.

Deschanel also expressed how much she loved the smell and preferred trees that could be replanted. She said, “Nothing beats the smell of a fresh Christmas tree during the holidays! One of my favorite ways to be more eco-responsible this time of year is by using a living potted tree that can be planted outside after the holiday season.

The actress continued, “Living Christmas trees that still have the root ball intact are ideal for short-term decoration during the holidays, but can be replanted to provide environmental benefits long after the holiday season has ended. Also, it’s a great outdoor activity to do with the kids.

Deschanel made his own crown

Deschanel’s eco-friendly Christmas decorations don’t just stop at his Christmas trees; the actress also extended it to her crown. She revealed that she preferred to do it on her own instead of buying one at the store. According to her, this is a great opportunity to recycle materials using those already discarded.

She said, “Nothing says ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ like making a Christmas wreath using natural materials that you collect yourself! Deschanel used items from his garden and involved his children in the fun by having them search for items like leaves, berries and other items in the backyard.

The ‘New Girl’ star continued, “I love making my own unique wreath to put on my front door throughout the holiday season using pieces of greenery from our garden, produce from our grow stand. lettuce and clippings from our Christmas tree. “

Deschanel made a citrus garland

Among her home decorations, Deschanel revealed that she also makes citrus garlands. She said, “Dried citrus is a family favorite DIY and sustainable craft that I make with my kids on vacation – we love the organic look and festive smell that dried citrus adds to our holiday decor! “

She also mentioned that she would be careful not to waste fruit unnecessarily and only use forgotten fruits from her fridge and less than stellar produce from her local farmer’s market.

The actress shared, “To reduce waste I try to use oranges, lemons and grapefruits left in the fridge or buy some of the weirder produce at the local farmer’s market to give them a second life. All I do is thinly slice the fruit, cook over low heat for a few hours until completely dehydrated, thread the dried slices onto twine and hang!

Deschanel and Scott bought a new house

The couple recently revealed that they bought a new home together in Los Angeles. They initially had a choice of two houses but opted for the second because the other could hide snakes. Scott sprang up from the house and said he was sure it was perfect for them as soon as he saw it.

In his magazine column, Scott said: “The Second House was a 1938 Georgian-style house designed by famous California architect Gerard Colcord. When we pulled up on the road it just seemed magical. He revealed that the house looked like a park with beautiful trees and grass.

He continued, “It was just over an acre, and with its lush lawn and massive California sycamore trees, it looked like a park. That’s why when we brought the kids to the property to the first time around they nicknamed it the park house. And you know what happens when you name something, whether it’s a mangy stray dog ​​or a beautiful house of your dreams? You keep it. The next thing you do you know Zooey and I owned the Park House.

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