Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae present incredible Halloween decorations at £ 1.3million Manchester home


Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury are arguably one of the most successful couples on Love Island, although they haven’t made it to the top spot.

They have since built impressive careers in professional sports and fashion, and have lived together in Manchester since leaving ITV2 in 2019.

The gorgeous couple, both 22, currently live in a massive rented property in the north of the city, and they recently revealed their very extravagant Halloween decorations on social media.

Several home tours hosted by social media expert Molly-Mae gave fans a glimpse of their shared home, but she recently said they plan to buy very soon.

Molly-Mae and Tommy have been inseparable since meeting on Love Island

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So far, they’ve made the most of the magnificent Manchester home and decorated it new for the festivities coming up in October.

With just under 10 million subscribers as a collective, Molly-Mae and Tommy certainly know a thing or two about Instagram, and they certainly know the importance of aesthetics when it comes to creating content. .

So it’s no surprise that they’ve decorated their home with surreal Halloween decor, from huge arches around their patio doors to a gorgeous fall-themed fireplace.

This afternoon, Tommy shared a few clips with his 3.1 million Instagram fans, thanking his two-year-old girlfriend for making such an effort.

Writing alongside the videos, Tommy said, “I wasn’t expecting that !! What a surprise to come home too !!!”

The beloved boxer added, “My daughter did some good” with a heart-shaped emoji.

Tommy filmed the house earlier today
Tommy filmed the house earlier today

He was shocked at the incredible efforts
He was shocked at the incredible efforts

Their big house features huge high ceilings and is a huge space to try to fill, but Molly has gone all out with her spooky yet elegant decorations.

Arranging the living room with coffins, balloon arches, and lots of spider-themed rooms, it looked amazing.

However, some of the decorations are quite confusing, like the multiple pumpkins which all seem to have spider legs ..?

The boxer couldn't believe his luck
The boxer couldn’t believe his luck

Tommy explained that Halloween is his favorite time of the year
Tommy explained that Halloween is his favorite time of the year

“Halloween is my favorite time of year of course,” Tommy continued as he walked around the room, showing his 60 inch TV and Molly’s, which is mounted on the wall above a stunning working fireplace. .

Their all-white fireplace mantel was adorned with autumnal wreaths and faux pumpkins, as well as decorative wooden crates and leaves in shades of red, orange, and yellow.

Their predominantly gray and white living room is filled with furniture from retailer Arighi Bianchi, who gave most of the home items – from their oversized gray sofa to the marble coffee table – to the couple for free in exchange for a promotion.

Molly went all out with the decorations
Molly went all out with the decorations

Every detail has been thought of
Every detail has been thought of

After the video with some close-ups of Molly’s work, Tommy wrote next that he “can’t get over it!”

From a few gingham covered pumpkins to cute black lanterns, a bubbling cauldron and even an easel with a picture of a witch, the living room looked amazing.

Tommy even joked that he “genuinely thought it was a real bird” as he took a closer look at the arch built around their patio doors.

The patio doors were also adorned with decorations
The patio doors were also adorned with decorations

He just got back from Las Vegas
He just got back from Las Vegas

Even the exterior was not immune to Molly’s decorating efforts, as their huge patio also featured one of the odd pumpkin-spider hybrids.

Semi-professional boxer Tommy has just returned from his long trip to Las Vegas, after flying off to watch his older brother Tyson battle Deyonte Wilder.

Fury’s older brother, 33, won the contest, retaining his heavyweight title.

Molly-Mae has supported Tommy’s family from the UK, as she shared some photos of herself on Facetime during a call to her man as he celebrated at ringside.

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