This DIY faux wood pumpkin decoration is so easy to make


Pumpkin carving is basically a rite of passage during the Halloween season. But if you’re not as much into the kid-friendly activity as you used to be, or if you live in an apartment without a porch to display them, decorating pumpkins is probably more your gear.

Instagram user Mary Donetskova from @marys_hobbylife revealed her cool version of the craft – making fake wooden pumpkins – and we’re obsessed! Not only is the craft inspired by the wooden pumpkins you can purchase from the popular Michaels craft store, but it’s also made with materials all purchased from Dollar Tree. That means your starter decoration may cost less than that cold pumpkin cream brew you just bought from Starbucks.

To craft this spooky centerpiece, all you need to do is purchase a homemade foam pumpkin and printed wood adhesive liner. Then cut the stem off the pumpkin and use a utility knife to cut more pronounced ridges on the sides. Smooth out each edge by pinching them with your fingers. Once you’ve done that, carefully cover the surfaces of the pumpkin with the adhesive liner, smoothing it out as you go. Add the stem as a finishing touch – you can keep it as is or paint it a darker color. And that’s all!

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