Superior Halloween Decorations


SUPERIOR, WI – In Superior, Halloween is more than a night of costumes and goodies.

“Some of the cool things we’ve done in the past are the Superior Spooktacular Parade, the art and music festival, the pumpkin and the children’s carnival,” said Carolyn Nelson-Kavajecz, chair of the Superior Spooktacular Committee.

A year ago, during the pandemic, they came up with a new event that people could do from the safety of their cars called Haunt Your House.

“We developed the concept of Haunt Your House, which is similar to a Christmas decorating contest. The difference is that it is a Halloween-themed event,” Nelson-Kavajecz said.

The contest is back this year, but for some, the fun of decorating stopped right after they started.

Last Monday, after a weekend of hard work, Stacy Hudacek noticed her garden was different.

“It was a bit in the middle of the day when we realized they were gone. We had asked some of our neighbors but unfortunately no one saw anything because it must have been in the middle of the night,” said said Hudacek, a superior. resident.

The house looks pretty festive, but their original plan was to cover the front yard with giant Halloween inflatables.

“They took out the stakes, they threw them in the lawn, they took all the inflatables, and they also took the electrical equipment,” said Hudacek.

After the robbery, she posted on social media and discovered that other Superior residents had suffered similar robberies.

Hudacek says she probably won’t be entering the Haunt Your House contest this year, but the thefts haven’t crushed her Halloween spirit.

“We see this as a loss and know that we are probably not going to get them back, but that won’t stop us, we are going to continue to do that every year,” said Hudacek.

For more information on the Haunt Your House competition, visit Superior Spooktacular Facebook page.


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