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Unless a stroll through a local urban environment or a trip to an exotic and distant land, most people’s hotspot this summer is their own backyard. But just doesn’t have to translate to ho-hum.

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We discovered eight sculptures and decorative pieces that rival those found in any museum courtyard or European plaza. All you have to do is leave your home and go on a wonderful “getaway”.

1. Graceful birds

Let these stunning birds spruce up your garden and make a serious statement.

These heron statues come to rest in your garden as a graceful addition to the landscape. Crafted of textured and laminated metal and measuring 4 feet tall, they are hand painted in a patina and finished with weather resistant paints.

With 88% of reviews giving it 5 stars, these stylish cranes stand out from the crowd. One critic, having judged them “too good to be outside”, instead made them a home inside.

Get the Kircust Garden Crane Statues on Amazon for $ 99.99

2. Buttons of color

This beautiful set of decorative mushrooms will transform your garden into a mystical garden.

Whether you pepper them solo in your garden or bundle them together, these Glazed Ceramic Mushroom Stakes are perfect for any garden, plant pot or patio. Each is hand painted for a one of a kind look, and the rough texture of the upper adds a realistic touch.

With 1,650 5-star ratings, “These are as cute as you think,” notes one reviewer. Another likes their appearance tucked away among shade plants for extra pops of color.

Get the Danmu Ceramic Mushrooms from Amazon for $ 9.59

3. A tribute to an ancient era

A solid rock sculpture with an impressive history.

Mimicking landmarks across the Scottish hills, each cairn is handcrafted from real river stones. These eight balanced rocks won’t tip over thanks to a sturdy metal peg inside.

Reviews of this sculpture are strong, with critics calling the stones “heavy, smooth, and pleasing.” One customer liked them so much he said he would “buy them over and over and over again.”

Get the Ancient Graffiti Eight Stone Balancing Cairn from Amazon for $ 29.99

4. A dragonfly globe

Can you imagine this eye-catching globe in your outdoor space?

This gaze globe is made from multi-colored, weather-resistant glass pieces that form an eye-catching dragonfly mosaic. It reflects the sun’s rays or evening spotlights, adding a touch of elegance to your layout day or night.

The colors are the strong points of the piece, with several critics calling them “magnificent” and “rich and beautiful”. One buyer notes that “the pieces of glass are shiny and fit together perfectly”.

Get the Target Alpine Corporation Dragonfly Duo Glass Viewing Globe for $ 63.99

5. A range of colors

Who needs a trip to the zoo when there is a stunning peacock statue right outside your door?

The beautiful array of colors is the centerpiece of this lawn ornament. Adding a bit of fun and frolicking, the peacock’s body and shiny feathers are constructed from weather-resistant metal so it will remain majestic for years to come.

A customer places the statue in front of her rose garden to amplify the colors of the flowers. One reviewer who rated it 5 stars said: “It is just beautiful when the sun is shining on it”, while another notes that it is “the best garden art we have”.

Get the Bungalow Rose Divesh Peacock Statue from Wayfair for $ 125.99

6. Ethereal beauty

Place this goddess in your garden with the hope that all your flowers and produce will bloom.

With her flowing hair, vaporous dress and garland of roses, the goddess Flora is the muse of ‘all that blooms’. The divine patroness of the gardens is captured by artist Carlo Bronti in resin and possesses an ethereal beauty of her angelic-faced bare feet.

Simply “gorgeous” says it all for a reviewer, while a shopper puts it even better “that vision of beauty” in person.

Get the Design Toscano Divine Flora Patroness Statue from Wayfair for $ 210.90

7. A soothing waterfall

I can only imagine the serene sounds this tranquil waterfall makes.

Resembling weathered copper, this metallic fountain features elegant lotus petals that create a natural waterfall. The quiet electric motor gently rotates the water to create a refreshing and calming ambience.

This aquatic element caused a sensation with buyers, with several reviewers appreciating its calming appearance and relaxing sound. Many have called it “elegant” and “perfect” for their outdoor spaces.

Get Olive & Cocoa’s Whispering Lotus Water Fountain for $ 228

8. A nod to the local rabbits

An adorable, yet sophisticated pair.

When it comes to charming outdoor decor, we’re all ears. And what better way to pay homage to your neighborhood furry friends than with these adorable garden rabbit sculptures.

Great accents for the garden and the yard, they are available in two sizes. Although the finish looks like stone, they are actually resin (with the metal ears). Translation: They are durable and easy to move around the garden wherever you are.

Get Pottery Barn Garden Rabbit Sculptures starting at $ 99

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