Medieval Dynasty: Windmill and decorations update adds new embellishments


the Windmill and decorations city ​​management game update medieval dynasty is here. This heavy patch brings lots of new content, including windmill, flower pots, small flower vases and other things that add embellishments to your home. Additionally, the game now uses Unreal Engine 4.27.2, which brings visual and performance improvements, as well as bug fixes.

For gameplay changes, Salting – the process that creates Salted Meat and Salted Fish Meat in the Hunting Lodge and Fishing Lodge – has been moved to the second level of the building. In addition, meat drying has been moved to the first level. Additionally, gamepad radial menus now remember the last action you selected, making it easier to repeat.

In terms of bug fixes, the issue where expired items have their HP reset to maximum has been resolved. Also, the animal shadow flickering issue is now fixed.

Strong points


  • New decoration system for houses

  • Over 30 new places of interest generated on the map

  • Dynamic drawing of player objects on the map in the book

  • New vendor animations

  • New beekeeper animations

  • New pick up animations for objects in third person view

  • New sounds for putting items in inventory

  • New sounds for dropping items from your inventory


  • Rendering optimizations

  • Optimizations of some systems

  • RAM consumption optimizations

  • Cut tree mesh

  • Increased visible range of high quality grass

  • Improved map image quality

  • Improved house skeleton models

  • Numerous arrangements for the distribution of rocks and plants

  • Salting in the hunting lodge and fishing lodge moved to the second level of the building and drying to the first level

  • The ability to rotate held items has been added to the “Grab” feature

  • Increased the range of apparent shadows for animals and humans

  • Many villages have received additional lighting

  • Water Carrier increases Extraction skill instead of Farming


  • The state of the stone deposit is not saved

  • The progress of the cut tree is not saved

  • Dropped or impaled objects may attach to incorrect objects after loading the game

  • Black screen instead of cinematic/tutorial video etc. under Windows 7

  • Number of fences, gates and furniture displayed incorrectly when player does not have permission to build

  • Restoring default game settings sets autosave timer to 30 mins instead of 15 mins

  • HUD input not updating when entering an item

  • Mount cannot be summoned on a gamepad while the player is placing a building ghost

  • Restoring graphics settings not working as expected

  • When multi-crafting with a controller, when you press the left D-pad button to reduce the number of craftable items, this action also activates mount summoning

Full patch notes can be found at medieval dynasty official Steam page.


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