Make your home cheerful and bright with these easy DIY decorating ideas


Holiday Hacks helps you prepare for the holiday season with simple tips and tricks to turn your season from a stressful situation into a joyous celebration, so you can truly enjoy the holidays for once!

From DIY snow globes to tasty gingerbread garlands, we show you all the decorating tips to make the holidays a little easier and more chic this year!

DIY snow globe

What you will need: ornament, Mason Jar with lid, clear glue, hot water, glitter

Instructions: First, glue the ornament to the bottom of the mason jar lid (we recommend hot glue or crazy glue). Then add a little clear glue, then lukewarm water and glitter to the mason jar. Screw the lid (with the ornament upside down) firmly onto the jar. Turn it over and shake it.

Hang lights on a brick wall

What you will need:fairy lights, hot glue gun

Instructions: Use a hot glue gun to attach string lights to a brick wall. The glue won’t damage the wall, and when you’re done with the lights, you can just peel them off.

DIY cookie garland

What you will need: Gingerbread cookie dough, cookie cutter, straw, string or heavy wire

Instructions: Cut out gingerbread men in the cookie dough and use a straw to make two holes side by side on the torso. Bake cookies. Once cool, run some string through the holes and hang your garland.

Reuse pumpkins as snowmen

What you will need: Pumpkins with small stems, white paint, paintbrush, small scarf, hat, eye and nose buttons, hot glue gun

Instructions: Paint the pumpkins with white paint. Once they have dried, stack them on top of each other. (You can use a little hot glue to hold them together if needed.) Decorate like real snowmen with scarves and hats. Glue on the felt eyes and nose.

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