Independence Day 2018: Five DIY Decorating Ideas to Brighten Up August 15 Celebrations (Watch Videos)


Independence Day is fast approaching and the country will soon be dressing up in the colors of the tricolor flags. From schools, colleges, offices to other institutions, everything is sprinkled with our national flag indicating when we gained independence from the British and how high we carry our tricolor. Independence day is marked by the hoisting of the national flag and the singing of the national anthem. Various competitions, events and programs are also organized during the day for children and adults. People beautifully design saffron, white and green colored rangolis outside housing companies and offices.

With schools observing the National Day on a large scale, children are very excited to celebrate the day. They decorate all of their belongings, bikes, pencil boxes, bedrooms, offices and so on. So why not help them with some projects using their ideas. These DIY (Do It Yourself) videos are not only simple, but you can also make your child happy in a little DIY. And as the day approaches, we’ve put together some DIY videos from which you can add a tricolor touch at home or in the office. August 15: Not only India, these countries also celebrate their independence day on this date

Here are some interesting decor ideas that can add a tricolor sparkle to your August 15th celebrations:

Interior decoration

These beautiful bottle art will add an original look and feel to your venue. Hazzle-free and simple to make, these can be a lively attraction on your desk or living room. You are sure to get compliments on this one!


Anyone who is even a little good at rangoli can pull off this rangoli quite easily. While the colors highlight the national flag, the human figures represent the freedom and happiness of its citizen. You can not only add color to your celebrations, but also flaunt your skills.

Wish card

Gifting someone with a greeting card that you bought from the store is pretty straightforward, but everyone would appreciate you putting in a little effort. Although it takes a bit of time and requires precision, you can show your hand to works of art with this one. You can try this beautiful card at home; asking a friend for help can speed up the job. Independence Day Recipe: Fondant Shahi Tiranga Rolls to Celebrate India’s 72nd Independence Anniversary

Paper flowers

These paper flowers are the simplest on the list and will be up and running in no time. All you need are papers in the color of the tricolor. Make a bunch of them and leave them in a small vase. You can also keep them at your desk or let your kids play with them.


Most Indian homes have aloe vera, and this DIY video will let you flaunt your plant. You need white pebbles, poster colors and two small glass jars. Follow the steps in the video and this plant can be an eye-catching item on your dining table or desk. Whether you are planning a home gathering or a small office party, these DIY decorating ideas will help you bring the flavor of Independence Day. I wish you all a very happy Independence Day!

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