How to organize Friendsgiving at home: decorations, invitations and more


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Friendsgiving is exactly what the name suggests: a Thanksgiving meal for your friends. Usually held before Thanksgiving Day, the trend millennial tradition is a great way to celebrate friendship and togetherness with the family of your choice, whether it’s a reason to reunite with your college buddies or a shared meal with co-workers.

If you’re planning a Friendsgiving meal this year, there’s no need to stress. To help you get ready, we’ve put together everything you’ll need to host the perfect Friendsgiving at home, including pretty invitations, party decor and the best rotisserie.

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1. Friend invitations

Build your guest list by sending a cute invitation.

If you are hosting a Friendsgiving, you will want to have real friends there. You can send an informal text or email with all the information, but there is something a little bit festive about a real paper invitation. There are a bunch of personalized Friendsgiving invitations online, from ones you can pre-order to ones you can instantly download as a template and print yourself. Choose your favorite, enter the details, then tap the mailbox.

2. Friendship decorations

Set the scene with festive decor from Friendsgiving.

In 2021, there is at least one element of Thanksgiving – and certainly Friendsgiving – that concerns the beauty of the holiday photo you’ll inevitably post on Instagram. Whether it’s a group photo with your closest friends or a photo of the plentiful food on your plate, you’ll want this photo to shine. If you’re hosting Friendsgiving, a number of different manufacturers are now selling decorations specifically for the holidays, whether it’s a themed balloon garland or a burlap pennant to commemorate the day. You can even decorate the outside with a few sprigs of bright leaves.

3. A table setting

Your Friendsgiving table is almost as important as the food.

Now that you’ve covered the walls, literally maybe, you’re going to want to make sure your table is just as gorgeous. Friendsgiving is a great excuse to bring out the tablecloth you never use, new napkins, and maybe even fun table accessories like fancy cutlery and a slew of votives. How you want your table to look will depend on your vibe, of course, whether you want an elegant damask tablecloth or a country-style linen version. Embrace the colors of the season with a Buffalo Plaid Fabric Napkin Set, then spice up your table even more with decorative votive holders.

4. Tableware

Disposable plates, napkins and cups are perfect for a Friendsgiving feast.

Much like your table setting, how you choose your tableware (plates, cutlery, glasses, etc.) depends on how much work you want to put into the whole affair. If doing a ton of dishes is your worst nightmare, that’s cool. There are a ton of solid and user-friendly disposable options for Friendsgiving. We love these Friendsgiving themed plates sprinkled with leaves or, if you pat a keg or just open some reasonably priced wine, these fun plastic tumblers.

5. A rotisserie

This Viking roasting pan will make the perfect Thanksgiving turkey.

Friendsgiving depends on the prior planning of whoever takes care of the kitchen. What to put in the oven when and at what temperature? What can you prepare ahead of time and what to thaw? While Friendsgivings are often potlucks, which can take some of the burden off the host, you’ll likely be expected to cook up a main course – a turkey, maybe – and maybe a few. accompaniments. Make sure you have what you need.

Our choice for best rotisserie on the market is the Viking stainless steel roasting pan, which has a non-stick backing. According to our experts, “It’s big and strong enough to support a 20-pound turkey and it can cook anything you throw at it. As it also turned out to be the easiest to clean, even after we let the cake drip from the chicken pan – overnight, this pan solidly earned our pick as the best overall. Sold!

Get the Viking 3-Ply Roaster from Amazon for $ 155.80

6. Various pots and pans

You will need additional pots and pans to prepare all the side dishes.

Friendsgiving is the perfect excuse to finally upgrade your pots and pans. There’s something nice about having a full set of matching cookware, and it might even wow your guests who arrive early. Our choice for best cookware is the HexClad Hybrid Cookware Chef’s Pack, which our experts believe is the best of both worlds: durable stainless steel with a non-stick finish. If the HexClad plan is not in your budget, the Cuisinart Multiclad Pro Stainless Steel Kit was our best value, with almost as much range, if not as much style.

7. A Dutch oven

A quality Staub Dutch oven will certainly come in handy.

Friendsgiving is also a great time to pull out that sturdy cookware set you’ve saved for special occasions, like a classic Dutch oven. Use it to braise baby back ribs or for macaroni and cheese that start on the stovetop before going in the oven for a crispy crust. Review experts are big fans of Staub, from his classic Dutch oven to his pumpkin-shaped pan. If you want a more beginner dutch oven, the Lodge cast iron version was our experts’ best choice. It’s available in a variety of fun colors and is as decorative as it is useful.

8. A digital thermometer

A thermometer will prevent you from overcooking or undercooking your bird.

If you’re making turkey or any kind of meat, we recommend getting a quality digital food thermometer, just to make sure you’ve cooked everything to the right temperature. Our experts love ThermoWorks ChefAlarm, which they call “the obvious choice” for the best probe thermometer. If you are more comfortable with a digital thermometer, the Thermopop is our number one choice, thanks to its excellent features and design.

9. Gourmet treats you don’t have to make yourself

There are plenty of gourmet treats you can order online for your Friendsgiving feast.

Sometimes it’s nice to let someone else do all the hard work, whether it’s a friend bringing the wine or a pie you get at a neighborhood bakery. You can also buy many gourmet delicacies online, like buttermilk crackers that you can put in a bread basket on the table or a delicious chocolate mousse cheesecake from Brooklyn’s famous Junior’s restaurant. You can even purchase Friendsgiving-specific cupcakes from the ever popular Baked By Melissa for dessert.

10. Holiday gifts

Your guests will appreciate these thoughtful gifts.

It’s always nice to send your friends home with something that’s neither a hangover nor a mountain of cold prank. Friendsgiving themed candles make lovely after-dinner gifts to remind your guests of how much fun they’ve had. Or grab some Friendsgiving koozies that anyone can use during the event and then take home.

11. A Friendsgiving cookbook

You will find everything you need for the perfect Friendsgiving in this cookbook.

If you need recipe ideas or just help with accommodation, Emily Stephenson’s Friendsgiving manual is a game-changer. It’s a comprehensive vacation guide, with recipes for everything from roast turkey to garlic miso sauce. You’ll also find tips for planning ahead, tips for decorating your table, and even suggestions for managing your guests. Go ahead and be gracious.

Get the Friendsgiving manual from Amazon for $ 19.95

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