How to create a DIY Christmas door arch decoration

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  • Christmas door arch decorations are garnering a lot of festive love on Instagram, with #doorarch delivering nearly 1.1K posts.

    Making your own DIY Christmas decoration is easier than you might think – this Christmas idea from Wilko is a quick and efficient way to create your own magical festive cave.

    Make a Christmas door arch decoration

    Image credit: Wilko

    You don’t need a whole bunch of kits to make this enchanting Christmas door arch, making it the perfect budget Christmas decoration idea. Just a selection of different sized balls and some artificial flowers and foliage. Enjoy!

    What you will need

    • Faux foliage garland
    • Medium and large balls
    • False ponsettias
    • Cones
    • Artificial berry sprigs
    • Control strips without damage

    1. Tie your Christmas wreath

    Christmas wreath around the white door with banisters

    Image credit: Wilko

    Secure the garland of solid artificial foliage around the door frame. Spread the branches so that they are nice and full and drape yourself over the door.

    For a damage-free solution that won’t mark walls, use Command Strips that can be easily removed after Christmas.

    168ft Faux Foliage Garland, £ 18.99, Amazon
    Add volume and a traditional party feel with this trailing ivy. Pair it with branches from an old artificial Christmas tree or faux fir branches from Etsy.

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    2. Add oversized balls

    Christmas garland around the door with large silver and white baubles

    Image credit: Wilko

    Hang a selection of oversized baubles on the Christmas door arch decoration. Space them evenly and alternate colors. Choose lightweight plastic balls that won’t break if they fall!

    We used white and silver decorations for a sophisticated look, but you can go as shiny as you dare! It’s Christmas after all!

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    3. Arrange smaller balls

    Close up of a Christmas wreath adding a medium silver bauble with large white baubles

    Image credit: Wilko

    Hang slightly smaller balls from the artificial garland. Space them evenly as before, nesting them among the oversized balls. Make sure they are securely attached to the branches so that they don’t slip off and hit someone on the head.

    Set of 38 sparkly silver balls, £ 6, Wilko
    This large bundle of balls provides more than enough to decorate an archway. the pack contains a mix of matte, shiny and glittery balls to create a perfectly balanced display.

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    4. Add the finishing touch

    Close-up on a Christmas wreath with white poinsettias among white and silver baubles

    Image credit: Wilko

    Add final flourishes like artificial poinsettia flowers, berry clusters and frosted pine cones. Use the yarn to wrap the foliage of the garland to hold it in place, just like you would make a normal DIY Christmas wreath.

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    Image credit: Wilko

    Take a step back and admire your finished Christmas door decor. The perfect backdrop for all those festive photos from now until the New Year.

    Once Christmas is over, you can simply take your arcade apart and keep the components safe until next year.

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