Guy attends sperm count appointment but was left in stitches to bedroom decorations


A guy who attended a sperm count appointment laughed at the dodgy interior of the room he was supposed to do the deed in.

Like it or not, at some point most of us will go to a hospital or an “awkward” doctor’s appointment.

Whether it’s dropping your pants for an exam downstairs or just discussing a super personal health issue, it can make people cringe at the medical professional.

But even if people feel embarrassed to have to, it should be totally shameless.

So when this man went for his sperm count check, he probably felt relaxed because he was assigned a private room to collect his sample.

However, he was left to interrogate inside the designated ejaculation room.

For an act that should require some excitement, the man pointed out that the decorations in the room were far from eliciting the right reaction, let’s just say.

The guy went to the hospital for a semen sample

In a Reddit post, the patient explained, “Yesterday I attended an appointment to get my ‘swimmers’ checked out. This was the room in which I was expected to “do the action”. The only material I was given was a picture of a plastic leaf and cactus.

He slammed: ‘These NHS cuts are getting severe.

Attached to the post, the guy included a snap of the room which included a boxed list of ‘instructions’ to follow so he could perform the deed correctly.

And, the first instruction to get a semen sample was probably the most important, it said, “Please make sure you have locked the door.”

Now this is crucial!

Next to the list on the drawer was a piece of paper, the sample jar, a plastic cactus – and a picture of a single leaf hanging on the wall above.

Nothing says instant excitement like a plastic cactus!

And, if you thought it really set the mood, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

For a totally horny atmosphere, the armchair was covered with a white disposable sheet which was illuminated by the dim light of a floor lamp.

To really finish off the sultry vibe of the room, placed in the corner is a red emergency cord – we’d hate to think what compromising position someone would have to be in if pulled.

Left in stitches in the “do the deed” room, many people fled to the comments to poke fun at the situation.

One person laughed: “I like how the very first instruction is ‘please make sure the door is locked’. You know they must have put this there after a specific incident.

Another user added, “Love the instructions mounted in a cute picture frame on the dresser like it’s your grandma’s favorite psalm in her guest room.”

As a third person laughed, “Fuck you, I wasn’t prepared for that horny sheet and just squirted all over my monitor.”

Someone else expressed, “It doesn’t mention anything about washing your hands after, only before…”

Meanwhile, a fifth user noted, “I wonder what situation would require you to pull the emergency cord when you should be pulling something else!!

Well, maybe a plastic cactus, a snap of a leaf, and an emergency lanyard are enough for some people!

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