Eight ideas to throw a retro Halloween party at a low price


Halloween is just around the corner – and for some that means throwing an extravagant and spooky party for friends and family.

But going to stores every year for fun costumes, weird decorations, and spine tingling snacks, it all adds up.

Here, NetVoucherCodes has compiled an overview of eight party ideas that won’t leave your bank balance really scary.

Economic activities range from making your own costumes to baking spooky treats. All alcohol-based ideas can easily be replaced with alternatives to carbonated drinks.

A spokesperson for NetVoucherCodes said: “A lot has changed since the Celts started the tradition over 2,000 years ago. At first, people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts on October 31.

“Traditions then turned away from ghost stories and sweet sharing so that people now dress their pets, filming creepy looks on social media.

“However, you can still have some retro Halloween fun on a budget, even if your bank account looks a little creepy.”

Eight budget-friendly Halloween party ideas:

Go retro all the way with costumes to save big this year

1) Homemade costumes

Go retro all the way with costumes to save big this year.

Expensive character costumes seem to have become the norm, but there is nothing wrong with dressing the traditional way. Old plain white sheets with eye holes can be used as a spooky spirit.

Using trash bags and cards, create the perfect witch outfit for any fancy dress party. Make a cone large enough to sit on your cardboard head and add a ledge around the edge from a strip of cardboard about 4 inches wide. Then cover with garbage bags, using double-sided tape to make sure they adhere to the cardboard.

Skirts and clothing can easily be made from torn and cut trash bags.

2) terrifying anecdotes

Using a skeleton, decoration or picture, each player can have the chance to “name this bone”. Healthcare professionals will have a head start with this anatomy anecdote!

Starting from the skull and down, each player names the bone – or, if they can’t, takes a forfeit.

3) Jelly eyeball beer pong

Set up a traditional beer pong triangle from mugs on a table and grab an eyeball adorned with a sweet jelly or bouncy ball.

For adults, pour beers into these plastic containers.

Children will enjoy drinking fruit juices or taking on a challenge.

Anyone who gets caught with an eyeball in their drink will have to get shot.

4) basted apples

Most of us will be familiar with the traditional game of throwing floating apples in the water.

This Halloween classic is not to be missed but can be reinvented and recreated on a budget for adults and kids alike.

Those who can’t find a bucket large enough to fill with water or alcoholic punch can use a dish bowl.

Anyone with an alcoholic concoction in its containers should eat their alcohol soaked apple as a tasty treat.

5) Disorderly Movies

Horror movies can be edgy, yet predictable, and many make for a great drinking game for anyone who wants to be scared or just a little cheerful.

Whenever something typical of the horror genre happens, have a drink.

It can be defined by viewers, but it could be a fear of jumping, whenever a door slams, or when someone at home shouts onscreen when a character is doing something dangerous and stupid.

6) spooky snacks

Creative cooks will love to let their spooky creativity run wild when they whip up spooky snacks.

Brownies make shiny spider bodies, especially when decorated with chocolate fingers or pretzels to make eight tasty legs.

Devil’s egg eyeballs look scary enough already, and are especially scary when served with a good serving of mashed red beets.

Finger bone sandwiches are also popular with adults and kids at parties and can be filled with any delicious sandwich stuffing to meet any dietary requirement.

Halloween snacks are not only tasty, but also fun to make, share and eat.

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7) spooky cocktails

Make the drink on Halloween more interesting by making spooky cocktails.

Bloody Marys are a party classic this time of year, but there are plenty of other weird and delicious drinks to try as well.

Zombies are made with light rum, dark rum, apricot liqueur, and orange juice. Once the whole has been shaken, pour into a glass filled with ice cubes and garnish with the shot.

Poisoned apple cocktails are another eye-catching but tasty favorite. Combine apple cider, cranberry juice, grenadine and a small amount of gold flakes and mix with ice

8) Turnip carving

Long before people carved pumpkins for Halloween, they were actually carving turnips.

They’re a lot easier and cheaper to get your hands on in spooky season and create much more disturbing faces and shapes.

Those who are ready to get started with turnip carving should start training their arms now as they are difficult to cut.

Do you have any other wallet-friendly party ideas? Let us know in the comments.

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