Easy Idaho Themed Pumpkin Carving Ideas Anyone Can Make


I suck at pumpkin carving. I have no patience and no skills but still try every year. Maybe I could get away with some of these pumpkins, as we found some Idaho themed pumpkin carving ideas that almost anyone can do.

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    Idaho Vandal “I”

    Essentially all you have to do is carve a capital “I” into a pumpkin. It’s a pretty basic design but for someone who really loves Vandals it’s perfect.

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    A little more complicated than just the “I” if you carved the letters “BSU” into a pumpkin, that could be pretty cool.

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    Overview of Idaho

    Sure, Idaho isn’t straight, but you don’t have to focus on all the jagged edges. Just take a quick look at the condition.

  • 4

    A potato

    Really, it’s just an oblong circle. It’s super easy and definitely Idaho

  • 5

    A heart

    A simple heart would be great. Hearts are all over Idaho, whether it’s IdaHome or whatever.

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    Paint it Ida “House”

    Rather than carving, if you’re better with a brush, you can paint the pumpkin and make the IdahoHome logo with the heart instead of Twin Falls. That would be cool

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    A sugar beet

    Also a pretty easy shape to get, most of the time just a circle. Even though people don’t know what they would all be, that doesn’t mean they’re not worth making.

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