Easter Wreath Ideas: 10 Beautiful Ways to Style a Wreath


Our stylish Easter wreath ideas are the perfect way to prepare your rooms for the start of spring. As the temperature begins to rise and our gardens begin to bloom, so do our homes.

When it comes to Easter decorating ideas, there’s no wrong approach. A DIY Easter wreath can be hung from mirrors, doors or walls – and they make great table decorations too – they can set the stage for Easter fun.

Making an Easter wreath is one of the pleasures of spring. So, now that the days are getting longer and Easter is just around the corner, it’s time to bring spring into your home with our pick of the best Easter wreath ideas.

Easter Wreath Ideas

These Easter wreath ideas will add a touch of occasion to any room and are, of course, perfect for a seasonal celebration.

1. Make a Living Wreath for Easter

Easter wreath ideas for craft ideas

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A beautiful and durable Easter garland decoration for indoor walls and doors. Make sure your flowers and foliage are freshly cut and well watered; we used purple willow, waxflower, ivy, sphagnum and hyacinth bulbs, as well as dried daisies, quail eggs, florist’s tape and wire.

To recreate this Easter wreath, bend and bend two willow branches into a teardrop shape, with the buds and stems cut off at both ends. Cross at the top and secure with florist’s wire. Wrap the base and roots of the cleaned bulbs with a layer of bread moss, held in place with florist’s wire.

Secure the willow branches with wire, starting at the bottom and filling the gaps with moss as you go.

Insert wax flowers and add finishing touches, such as dried flower heads, puffed quail eggs and a length of ivy, securing them with a hot glue gun. Finally, drape the ivy at the top to cover the wire and hang up with ribbon.

2. Lay a wreath in favor of the guests

Autumn wreath on the dining table

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Wreaths don’t just need to be for doorways – as we show above, they can also make wonderful accent pieces on the dining table.

Consider creating a natural Easter wreath idea that not only looks beautiful but also acts as a party favor for friends and family dinner. Here, creative florists Worm. have woven scraps of dried foliage and materials from larger projects into a hoop to create a look that will survive the evening and become an elegant keepsake.

3. Decorate eggs for Easter

Easter wreath with eggs

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Spring is the season for new beginnings, so why not bring the abundance of natural materials to your doorstep, along with some repurposed materials, to create charming Easter wreath ideas and decorations.

Decorate puffed eggs to make an Easter wreath. paint stripes on the ends of the eggs, using acrylic paint. once dry, secure the speckled quail feathers with PVA glue. to finish, open a wire hanger, bend it gently to form a circle, then thread the eggs on it. cover the hook with lengths of jute twine.

4. Use an Easter wreath to display the cards

Easter wreath with dried flowers

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Celebrate Easter and the arrival of spring with decorations and seasonal touches to receive family and friends in the most beautiful setting. Here, for a unique take on traditional Easter wreath ideas, an elegantly styled Easter wreath presents the perfect way to display spring flowers and Easter cards. Choose muted greens and blues for a sophisticated twist on Easter pastels.

5. Go for a statement wreath in an entryway

Easter wreath with large wreath display

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The classic Easter wreath can often be far too beautiful to be left out in the cold, so if you decide to display one indoors, always consider how its foliage will work with your interiors.

A design like this creation has a wonderfully wild look, making it the perfect focal point for your home’s entryway. If you’re looking for other options to add a forage look to a wreath, consider incorporating twigs or found feathers, as both will stand out in traditional or modern settings.

6. Add color with painted eggs

Easter wreath with egg wreath

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An essential part of Easter decorating, a wreath can be affixed to a front door, but it can also be used to greet guests in an entryway.

You can make a living spring wreath with embedded narcissus, daffodil or hyacinth bulbs, for a fresh take on this seasonal spring decorating idea. Or for a more lasting display, the version above uses painted quail eggs for a wreath that won’t fade and will bring color to your home come spring.

7. Hang a wreath on a blank wall

Easter wreath in a hallway

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Give a blank wall a splash of color and intrigue with a blooming Easter wreath of fresh foliage.

“We are always drawn to handmade and natural spring decorating ideas. There’s nothing more satisfying than bringing in moss, spring flowers and bare branches from the garden,” says Katie Smyth of Worm.

8. Set the scene with a simple wreath

Easter wreath in the living room

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In a scheme so elegantly influenced by nature and spring as this one, only the smallest touches are needed to transport the piece through the different seasons. So this Easter, the simplest Spring Festival suggestion goes a long way in this cool garden living room.

The simple wreath hanging from the window brings a sense of vitality and wholesomeness to the space. Not only does it add interest to such a leafy room, but it’s a simple, unexpected touch that’s very welcoming on a cold spring evening.

9. Hang an Easter wreath on the door

Easter wreath ideas for the front door

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Gather the flowers of the season to create beautiful arrangements throughout your home. Showcase spring flowers by making a wreath with a frame and florist’s foam. Enrich it with foliage and negotiate flowers, such as narcissus, before highlighting with the more expensive anemones and freesias.

10. Take a simple approach to your Easter wreath

Easter wreath ideas with sprigs of rosemary

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Bring woodland style to your home with greenery and flowers made into delightful rustic decorations – perfect for Easter. Create simple wreaths to bring an on-trend botanical element to your home this season.

To make, take a length of pre-soaked willow and gradually shape it into a ring, twisting the ends around and in as it forms. The ring should hold its shape without having to tie the ends. Let stand and dry. Then, secure the rosemary sprigs along the sides and base of the wreath with florist wire. Using our photograph as a guide, secure the ferns to the base of the wreath with florist wire.

Next, position the largest of your flowers (we used hellebore, narcissus, and star of Bethlehem), secure with florist’s wire, then add the smaller flowers in the same way. Any protruding stems should be carefully trimmed to refine the finish – but don’t cut them too short or the flowers will fall out of the crown

What to put on an Easter wreath?

Banish the winter blues once and for all by bringing the color and scent of spring into your home with the prettiest Easter wreaths made of blooms, sprigs and blossoms. Even the simplest of wreath arrangements will instantly lighten the mood and add welcome vibrancy to your home in time for Easter.

For the traditionalist at heart, create arrangements using flowers and foliage associated with spring. Spring flowers and buds, eggs and even found items such as feathers – will bring seasonal flair to your home decor.

For a modern rustic look, try birch twigs, catkins, statice (sea lavender), lagurus ovatus (hare’s tail grass), rose rhodanthus, sanfordii, white larkspur, and larkspur. mousse.

Have fun playing with scale and color, but keep the overall effect simple and let the natural beauty of the flowers shine through. These Easter wreath ideas ideas will make you feel like spring has finally arrived.


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