Diwali 2021 Office Bay Decoration Ideas: From Colorful Flowers To Diyas, 5 Vibrant Ways To Bring Joy To Your Workplace This Deepavali (Watch Videos)


Diwali is a widely celebrated festival in India. Each household is decorated like a new bride on the occasion of Diwali. With Diwali right around the corner, celebrated on November 4, 2021. It’s time to bring positive energy and a festive flavor to the workplace. We can’t leave dull office spaces during the “Festival of Lights”, can we? After all, we call offices our second home. In addition to bringing good vibrations to the office, these activities can be vital for building a team.

Let’s take a look at some creative and fun Diwali decorating ideas that we have prepared for you.

1. Colorful flowers

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During the festive seasons, the markets are flooded with different flowers for decorations and puja rituals. These flowers can be used to make the company atmosphere warmer. Long garlands can be made with flowers to hang on the desk and flower petals can be spread over the desks, the petals can be edged for walls and floor and can be used to create beautiful patterns around diyas and even for rangoli. Floral decoration will surely bring freshness to the workplace. Diwali 2021 calendar with dates in India: when are Dhanteras, Lakshmi Pujan and Bhai Dooj this year? Get Deepavali’s full vacation dates.

2. Diyas

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Diwali is incomplete with diyas. Different types of diyas are available in the markets. These diyas can be placed all over the floor space to illuminate the office. Incorporate these diyas with a few flowers to create a mesmerizing decor. Mithai Diwali 2021 Recipes: From Coconut Barfi to Mysore Pak, traditional sweets to celebrate the Deepawali festival.

3. Rangoli

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The Rangoli decoration at the very entrance to the office floor is very beautiful. Rangoli can be made with colors or flowers, or better yet, both. While the color will add brightness, the flowers will impart freshness. Add a prosperity message. Either way, Rangoli decor is guaranteed to leave a good first impression.

4. Torans

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To run is the traditional and most preferred decorative element for any festive season. Torans are typically made with mango leaves and marigold flowers, but nowadays, torans made from various items like paper, plastic, and fabric are available. Hang these torans at entryways and around office space to add some glow.

5. Hanging banners, paper rosettes and kandils

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These are DIY options for decorating. These beautiful items can be made in the office as a fun way to please employees in something creative to build team spirit and bring joy to working together. Otherwise, these decorative items are readily available on any street. Use them as a creative display or as a backdrop in the office to bring some glow.

Happy Diwali and Happy New Year wishes, pictures, greetings and messages to send to your loved ones

It is a festive time, and in India the festivities are accompanied by breathtaking decorations that radiate positive energy all around. Decorate your office space using these ideas to enrich the festive mood. LastLY wish you a happy Diwali 2021!

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