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It’s been another odd year for sure, but not so scary that the ongoing pandemic is going to suck the spirit of Halloween.

Health experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have, so far, given the green light for the trick or treatment, but you still need to be careful. Recommendations for those who choose to celebrate: you should try to do it outdoors, wear masks indoors, and continue to do activities such as trick-or-treat “as contactless as possible”.

It sounds pretty straightforward. After all, we found smart ways to safely celebrate Halloween last year under similar guidelines. It would make sense to reinstate many of these COVID-19 workarounds in 2021.

“We got really innovative during Halloween last year, where people could put candy on a table while smiling and waving,” Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said previously. “It protects the children and protects you.”

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In 2021, it’s still a smart precaution to avoid crowded haunted houses, the common candy dish, and large unmasked crowds. But all of these safety rules don’t mean the scary season has to be called off.

The explosive decorations were still available Tuesday at Halloween City on the west side of Bloomington.

“People seem to go the extra mile to decorate their homes,” Tracy Caufield Johnson, owner of Caufield’s Novelty, 1006 W. Main St., told the Courier Journal. “We can certainly say that people are ready to celebrate.”

Creepy clowns are popular, and Johnson said you can’t go wrong with large giant spiders and webs or other moving props.

No matter if your family likes super spooky or deliciously festive, we’ve put together a handful of suggestions for energizing the Halloween spirit (safe!) During this weird and spooky time.

Halloween costume ideas for 2021

To make your family’s vacation memorable, you need to spend time together. And don’t we all have a lot of time together during the pandemic?

So do something different and thrifty in 2021 and consider building a “boxtume” with your kids, says Maura Hazard, owner of Two Men and a Truck in the Louisville area. “Making box costumes is a great way to keep kids entertained at home.”

The moving company knows a thing or two about cardboard boxes and has created a series of how-to videos to help you create a silly T-Rex dinosaur, adorable flowerpot, and even a mermaid costume for your favorite puppy. .

If you plan to don a costume and venture out of the safety of your home, keep in mind that the CDC says decorative or costumed masks are not a substitute for a cloth mask.

It doesn’t matter if this year’s costumes are worn around the house or only seen by others from a distance, Caufield’s Novelty has plenty of “must-have” characters in stock, including top sellers like classic horror and looks. vintage.

Louisville area TWO MEN AND A TRUCK recommend making Halloween costumes at home from boxes and other household items.

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“It’s all about retro and vintage costumes this year,” Johnson said. “Michael Myers from ‘Halloween’ is always popular, but this year even more so with the new ‘Halloween Kills’ hitting theaters. And’ Scream ‘is celebrating its 25th anniversary, so we’re getting a lot of requests for that and’ Nightmare on. Elm Street. ‘”

Customers also ask for retro costumes like the classic witch or devil.

“Anything vintage or retro is super popular,” Johnson said. “The only thing we don’t have is the ‘Squid Game’ tracksuit. No one anticipated the popularity of this show when we ordered our Halloween 2021 offer in January.”

The store offers all-in-one packaged costumes and a la carte options. With multiple theatrical makeup islands, wigs, rubber masks, and a large assortment of accessories, Caufield’s even has an in-house makeup artist who can guide you if you prefer to decorate your face.

Halloween tips for 2021

Whichever way you decide to celebrate, health experts say it’s always best to take precautionary measures this Halloween, given that most kids under 11 are unlikely to be vaccinated. .

This means that while the general tradition is considered to be safe, it is important for costume wearers to travel in small groups to get from house to house and to avoid counting / exchanging boxed candy scenarios or crowds of people. trunks or treats in a central location.

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“We don’t want a large group of children to gather on the doorstep. Small groups for very short periods of time are advised at someone’s door,” Krystal Pollitt told USA TODAY, assistant professor of environmental health sciences at the Yale School of Public Health. “Halloween activities can be done safely if we respect physical distance and wear masks. Overall, they present a low risk if done in a safe and responsible manner. “

Halloween Decorating Ideas for 2021

A Halloween tree in the living room of Jeremy King and Verity Jones' home in Louisville, KY.  October 19, 2017

Halloween trees are a hot decorating trend, especially during a pandemic when we are spending more time at home. This spooky idea is exactly what you think: a faux tree decorated in orange, black and purple rather than red green and gold. Instead of garlands and Christmas ornaments, Halloween trees are decorated with pumpkins, elves, witch hats, and brooms.

Wondering where to buy artificial trees in non-traditional colors like orange or black? Start by shopping online at places like Home Depot and Lowe’s.

For decorations, craft and home decor stores like Dee’s, 5045 Shelbyville Road, have aisles full of Halloween decor and craft items. Items such as light, sparkling balls and wavy ornaments tied with strong thread are perfect for slipping into your Halloween tree. They can also be arranged in a vase with a little greenery for a centerpiece or a wreath for your doorway.

Swap your tree decoration for a black bat or skeleton head, wrap your tree in shiny orange or black ribbon, and you’re ready for the spooky season.

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And here’s another way to incorporate trees into this year’s festivities, especially if you’re expecting little elves and ghosts to stop by on Halloween night: Hang little bags of treats from a decorated tree in your garden for the ultimate contactless stop. .

Crooked Cookie House Monster Motel - Hyde & EEK!  Shop.  $ 13 at target

Borrowing another Christmas tradition for this year’s fall season, edible Halloween cookie houses are a cool project to make with your family that you can put on display after the building is finished. Many stores carry this new take on the gingerbread house, including Target, where you can pick up a Halloween House chocolate cookie for $ 13.

Halloween gift ideas for 2021

Bath and Body Works Ghoul Friend 3-Wick Candle $ 24.50

As you decorate your home, enhance the Halloween vibe by adding the scents of the season. Bath & Body Works carries over 20 Halloween-themed items in its stores in the Louisville and Southern Indiana area.

While scented candles are great, it’s the Halloween-themed hand sanitizers and foaming hand soaps that can take some of the fear of the holidays away during COVID-19.

Keep germs at bay with scents like Ghoul Friend, Wicked Apple, Candy Corn Marshmallow, and Vampire Blood (don’t worry, it smells like strawberry and jasmine).

If treat treats are right on your doorstep, this year you can certainly get away with handing out tiny bottles of Halloween scented antibacterial hand gel rather than candy bars. (A one-ounce bottle of Vampire Blood Antibacterial Hand Gel costs $ 1.95.)

Vampire Blood antibacterial hand gel.  $ 1.95 Bath and body work

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If crafts are more your style, brew a fall potion using items you may already have around the house. It’s easy to do, just fill your cauldron – er, your pan – with boiling water and add cinnamon sticks, cloves, vanilla, and apples to it. Simmer the infusion while it fills your home with memories of a chilly fall afternoon.

Halloween outdoor movie night ideas for 2021

Osker's Firepit Skulls available at Walmart and Amazon make a spooky addition to an outdoor Halloween party.

Take your Halloween party and spooky decor outside and have a movie night with your favorite horror movies.

After hanging up a blank sheet to use as a movie screen, you can watch the scariest horror movies on Netflix for inspiration or sign up for Disney + for family movies.

Of course, you will need a projector for your movie night. Their price can range from around $ 90 to over $ 600. Or maybe you have a nice neighbor or friend who already owns a projector and will lend it to you for the party.

To add an extra eerie vibe to your scary night in the great outdoors, get yourself some skulls made especially for your fireplace. Made with a refractory material like that found in faux fireplace logs, the Creepy Stoneware Skulls are fire retardant and lightweight.

ghost hunters

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They’ll set you back around $ 35 apiece at stores like Walmart and Home Depot. Or if you have some spare time, you can try making your own fire pit skulls using fire resistant cement. You can find DYI instructions online.

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