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A wedding at home? These DIY decorating ideas will make it perfect

By Diy decoration

Due to the coronavirus lockdown, everyone prefers a small intimate wedding at home to help enable social distancing. People who don’t like having a big Indian wedding will always say yes to this type of occasion. But home weddings also require a lot of decoration. Since all the rituals and functions would be in your place, so you have to make it look like a beautiful space.

And there should be different decorations for each function like mehendi, haldi, sangeet etc. But do you need decorators for this? Of course not! This is why the DIY option is useful. With this, you can create different kinds of decorations for your wedding functions. So it would be even more profitable. Therefore, we have come up with some DIY home wedding decorating ideas to help you out.

DIY decorating ideas for the home wedding.

For sangeet, mehendi and haldi

There should be a bright and vibrant decoration for these two rituals on your big day. So, check out this video for a wonderful sangeet, mehendi and haldi stage decoration.


A stunning backdrop is all you need to enhance the decor. So, here is the video to get an idea of ​​DIY wedding decor.


Large decoration complete with bright lights. And that’s why you have to see this one to create a stunning wedding decoration with lights.

Decorative objects

You can make many decorative items for wedding decor from scraps. Watch the video below.

Artificial flowers

Even you can make your own artificial flowers for decoration. So then there would be no need to buy them from outside. Just watch this video.

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8 incredible DIY decorating ideas for your bedroom

By Diy decoration

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10 January 2020, 00:05

The bedroom is a sacred and special place, and you spend so much time there.

Most importantly, it is the place where you rest and relax. Therefore, the task of decorating it should be taken seriously.

Whether you’ve recently moved into a new home or want to give your current bedroom a makeover, here are 8 creative DIY decorating ideas for your bedroom.

Floral Letters and Crochet Cushion

Floral Letters and Crochet Cushion

Flowery letters: This one is a great DIY bedroom idea for teens. Buy large wooden letters that spell out any name / phrase you want, and glue artificial (but beautiful) flowers to their surface. Hang on to the wall.

Crochet pillow: Add a crochet pillow to your bed / living room to give your bedroom a cozy touch. You can use a neutral shade or a bright, colorful yarn.

Hanging terrarium and hanging cupboard

Hanging terrarium and hanging cupboard

Storage is key, so go for hanging bedroom decorations.

Hanging terrarium: Buy a plastic / glass terrarium and fill it with a variety of plants. Tie a strong string to it and hang it in your bedroom for a cool and airy feeling.

Wardrobe: Showcase your clothing collection using a hanging closet. Tie twine to a long wooden branch to make a handy hanging closet.

Wall plants and bookshelf

Wall plants and bookshelf

Wall plants: The planters on the table are clichés. For a modern touch, buy square pots, paint them in eye-catching colors, and nail them to the wall as you like.

Bookshelf: If you want a small bookshelf in your bedroom, put two racks on one of the walls and stack all your favorite books on them. Easy peasy!

Mason Jar Lamps and Thread Lantern

Mason Jar Lamps and Thread Lantern

Mason Jar Lamps: Get yourself some mason jars and put on the lights of your choice. Decorate them in a row or hang them, according to your taste.

Wire lantern: Inflate a balloon, wrap cotton / wool thread around until you get the desired pattern. When finished, pin the balloon. Insert the lights into the lantern and hang up wherever you want.

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Make your home cheerful and bright with these easy DIY decorating ideas

By Diy decoration

Holiday Hacks helps you prepare for the holiday season with simple tips and tricks to turn your season from a stressful situation into a joyous celebration, so you can truly enjoy the holidays for once!

From DIY snow globes to tasty gingerbread garlands, we show you all the decorating tips to make the holidays a little easier and more chic this year!

DIY snow globe

What you will need: ornament, Mason Jar with lid, clear glue, hot water, glitter

Instructions: First, glue the ornament to the bottom of the mason jar lid (we recommend hot glue or crazy glue). Then add a little clear glue, then lukewarm water and glitter to the mason jar. Screw the lid (with the ornament upside down) firmly onto the jar. Turn it over and shake it.

Hang lights on a brick wall

What you will need:fairy lights, hot glue gun

Instructions: Use a hot glue gun to attach string lights to a brick wall. The glue won’t damage the wall, and when you’re done with the lights, you can just peel them off.

DIY cookie garland

What you will need: Gingerbread cookie dough, cookie cutter, straw, string or heavy wire

Instructions: Cut out gingerbread men in the cookie dough and use a straw to make two holes side by side on the torso. Bake cookies. Once cool, run some string through the holes and hang your garland.

Reuse pumpkins as snowmen

What you will need: Pumpkins with small stems, white paint, paintbrush, small scarf, hat, eye and nose buttons, hot glue gun

Instructions: Paint the pumpkins with white paint. Once they have dried, stack them on top of each other. (You can use a little hot glue to hold them together if needed.) Decorate like real snowmen with scarves and hats. Glue on the felt eyes and nose.

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The best DIY decoration ideas for Halloween 2018

By Diy decoration

HALLOWEEN 2018 is here – but luckily you won’t have to spend a fortune on decorating your home this year.

These quick DIY projects are a fun way to mark the holiday season, and they’ll help your home look spooky. Here is all the information you need …


Is white the new orange? You can change the color of your pumpkins with a lick of paintCredit: Getty – Contributor

What are the best homemade Halloween decorations?

Painted pumpkins

Tired of traditional carved pumpkins or worried your kids might cut their fingers? We have the perfect solution.

Painting pumpkins is an equally fun activity and can create an even better effect.

Some make it simple by changing the color of the fall squash.

But you can also decorate with sparkles or add a spooky face to personalize the orange food.

Ghost decorations

    Shop for trash bags in a range of different colors and metallic finishes to create the ghoulish figures


Shop for trash bags in a range of different colors and metallic finishes to create the ghoulish figuresCredit: Getty – Contributor

All you need to create a terrifying ghost for your home is a trash bag and some old newspapers (preferably read copies of The Sun).

Crumple the papers to create a ball shape for the ghoul’s head, then place them at the bottom of the trash bag.

Tie a string around this “face” and let the rest of the bag hang down.

Draw eyes on the figure and hang on the ceiling to scare everyone.

Bat garlands

    This one is as easy as cutting out your own shapes and attaching them to a string


This one is as easy as cutting out your own shapes and attaching them to a stringCredit: Getty – Contributor

Creating a bat garland can be fun for the whole family.

And good news, this is easily done with a free template that you can print right from Clip Art.

After you cut out the shapes, decorate them with glitter, paint or colored pencils.

Tie them to a string and hang them in the nooks and crannies of your rooms for a haunted house look.

Skull mason jars

    Draw faces on old jars before inserting a tea light


Draw faces on old jars before inserting a tea lightCredit: Getty – Contributor

This inexpensive and cheerful DIY is an easy way to add some festive fun to your home.

All you need is an inexpensive marker and masonry container from a pound store.

If you want to cut costs even further, wash an old jar of jam to create the same effect.

When you have these two items, draw scary faces or Day Of The Dead sugar skull faces on the front.

To bring out these patterns, do not hesitate to add tea lights in the glasses to illuminate your characters.

halloween wreaths

    Seduce in the trick or the caterers with an autumnal garland


Seduce in the trick or the caterers with an autumnal garlandCredit: Getty – Contributor

Many Halloween fans make wreaths for their house every year.

These can be placed on your front door as a sign for traps or healers to approach.

To make your own, buy a basic, inexpensive crown.

You can then add fake spiders, fall leaves, or spooky faces as you like.

What is a Halloween tree and how do you make one?

A Halloween tree is a Christmas tree decorated with Halloween-themed ornaments, such as skulls, ghosts, and mini pumpkins.

People who are fans of the spellbinding holidays and want to mark the month, like Christmas, started planting the spooky trees in early October.

It’s easy to get creative with making your own ornaments and decorations for this greenery.

Unlike a traditional Christmas version, you can be as messy as you want and don’t have to worry about branches looking a bit disheveled.

You can reuse your winter garlands and throw some fallen leaves from the garden for a fall look.

Others wrapped creepy chains and threads, as well as black garlands, around the branches.

Where to buy the best Halloween decorations for your home and garden

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Independence Day 2018: Five DIY Decorating Ideas to Brighten Up August 15 Celebrations (Watch Videos)

By Diy decoration

Independence Day is fast approaching and the country will soon be dressing up in the colors of the tricolor flags. From schools, colleges, offices to other institutions, everything is sprinkled with our national flag indicating when we gained independence from the British and how high we carry our tricolor. Independence day is marked by the hoisting of the national flag and the singing of the national anthem. Various competitions, events and programs are also organized during the day for children and adults. People beautifully design saffron, white and green colored rangolis outside housing companies and offices.

With schools observing the National Day on a large scale, children are very excited to celebrate the day. They decorate all of their belongings, bikes, pencil boxes, bedrooms, offices and so on. So why not help them with some projects using their ideas. These DIY (Do It Yourself) videos are not only simple, but you can also make your child happy in a little DIY. And as the day approaches, we’ve put together some DIY videos from which you can add a tricolor touch at home or in the office. August 15: Not only India, these countries also celebrate their independence day on this date

Here are some interesting decor ideas that can add a tricolor sparkle to your August 15th celebrations:

Interior decoration

These beautiful bottle art will add an original look and feel to your venue. Hazzle-free and simple to make, these can be a lively attraction on your desk or living room. You are sure to get compliments on this one!


Anyone who is even a little good at rangoli can pull off this rangoli quite easily. While the colors highlight the national flag, the human figures represent the freedom and happiness of its citizen. You can not only add color to your celebrations, but also flaunt your skills.

Wish card

Gifting someone with a greeting card that you bought from the store is pretty straightforward, but everyone would appreciate you putting in a little effort. Although it takes a bit of time and requires precision, you can show your hand to works of art with this one. You can try this beautiful card at home; asking a friend for help can speed up the job. Independence Day Recipe: Fondant Shahi Tiranga Rolls to Celebrate India’s 72nd Independence Anniversary

Paper flowers

These paper flowers are the simplest on the list and will be up and running in no time. All you need are papers in the color of the tricolor. Make a bunch of them and leave them in a small vase. You can also keep them at your desk or let your kids play with them.


Most Indian homes have aloe vera, and this DIY video will let you flaunt your plant. You need white pebbles, poster colors and two small glass jars. Follow the steps in the video and this plant can be an eye-catching item on your dining table or desk. Whether you are planning a home gathering or a small office party, these DIY decorating ideas will help you bring the flavor of Independence Day. I wish you all a very happy Independence Day!

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