Brave Halloween Decorations at Home


A Braves fan uses Halloween decorations in his house to cheer on Atlanta ahead of the World Series.

ATLANTA – A Braves fan goes above and beyond to try to scare the Houston Astros ahead of the World Series.

Bobby Foley took his Halloween decorations to the next level.

Her home is decorated in traditional spooky seasonal clothing, outfitted with tombstones, cobwebs, ghosts and skeletons.

Only these decorations have a twist.

Skeletons are all equipment of the Braves. A photo Foley shared with 11Alive shows bones dressed in team jerseys, banners and even the classic Braves cap.

The headstones that line the front yard of the house are named by the teams the Braves dominated last season and the scores that go with them. A gravestone says “Brewers” and “3-1”, which signifies Atlanta’s victory over Milwaukee in the NLDS. Another is named after the Dodgers in honor of the Braves’ recent 4-2 NLCS victory.

There’s even a third gravestone with the words “plot sold” written on it and underneath the Astros is named, in anticipation of the Braves winning the World Series championship.

The Atlanta Braves are set to face the Houston Astros in the World Series this week. Find information on game times, parking and tickets here.

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