“Bones are Good”: Homeowners Use Decorations to Attract Buyers


MIDLAND, Texas – Victoria and Leroy Moreno grew up in Midland and raised their two children at 1608 NC Street.

Now, in search of more space, the family decided to put their house up for sale in early August. After seeing the house stay on the market for a month, Victoria used her love for Halloween to give it a unique idea to grab attention.

“I felt like we just couldn’t put out all the Halloween decorations while trying to sell the house. People might think we’re a little crazy, ”Victoria said.

“I really wanted to turn them off and then I got the idea to put some silly saying for the house while he was holding it.”

The skeletons worked.

The decorations attracted attention on social media. Since then, people have come to the house to see them up close.

“Everyone is stopping to take photos and no one has come with the skeletons to take a photo that I’m waiting for,” Victoria said.

“I like to see people get excited because we’re excited. I like this.”

The Morenos say taking out the massive skeletons to try and sell their house isn’t ideal. But for them, this idea was not too far-fetched.

“It felt like a no-brainer to put something in there just because that’s kind of what we do,” said Victoria.

“I mean, if you had said that, I wouldn’t have said you’re crazy,” Leroy said.

“It would’ve been like, ‘Yeah, you’re probably right, it happens. “”

While they leave this house, the Morenos plan to stay in Midland.

If you are interested in buying the house, you can find more information here.

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