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I was thrilled when my daughter announced that she wanted her 5th birthday party to be Bluey themed. It really is the cutest show, and I was excited to create something worthy of our family’s favorite cartoon characters. I hope this article will give you lots of bluey birthday party ideas for hosting your own celebration including free printables, decorations, invitations, party favors, crafts, food, shirts and more.

Wackadoo, it’s party time!

Bluey Birthday Party Ideas

To know Bluey is to love Bluey. It’s one of those shows you can’t help but love with its wholesome characters and family-centric stories, the 7-minute cartoons are the perfect dose of bliss. If you came across this post and are unfamiliar with Bluey, stop what you’re doing and go watch an episode. Here in the US you can find Bluey on Disney Channel and Disney Plus, but it is originally an Australian show. For everyone else, sit back and enjoy our celebration of the Heeler family.

Bluey Party Food Ideas

Bluey birthday party invitation

I started by designing my own invitation for the party. I almost always hand out physical printed invitations, so I designed a 5×7 Bluey Birthday Party Invitation. Then I realized I was going to send it digitally to everyone, so I designed a digital version as well. But however you send your invitation, both options are super cute.

You can find my personalized Bluey birthday party invitations in my Etsy shop.

Bluey birthday party invitation

Bluey Birthday Party Decorations

I stuck with the orange and blue colors throughout the party using crepe paper streamers to create a simple backdrop for my tablescape. This party had a very small guest list so the table isn’t overflowing with food like other parties, but I was able to add some height variety with little wooden risers. The risers are from Target’s Playground, and I’m obsessed with the variety of serving trays and risers available these days.

blue cupcakes

DIY Bluey Plates

Although Bluey plates and mugs are now available on Amazon, and Bluey is the cutest, I like to stay away from cartoons on plates and use the color scheme instead. To make the plates even more fun, I added ears to the plates and homemade stickers to the cups. (Similar to the Baby Yoda plates I made previously.)

Bluey Birthday Party DIY Plate

I used my Cricut to cut out the ears from the plates, but since they’re basically triangles, you can also make them by hand.


  • Dark blue dinner plates
  • Light blue dessert plates
  • Dark blue card stock
  • Beige card stock
  • Double-sided tape
  • blue ears pattern

Download the free Bluey ears pattern HERE for the plates.

Cut out the outer and inner parts of your ears, then use double-sided tape to secure them under the larger plate. Place a dessert plate on top for a finished look.

Since I served bites to the kids, I didn’t include utensils on my table decor, but clear or orange utensils would have been great.

Disney Bluey Birthday Party

DIY Bluey Mugs

For the mugs I created Bluey and Bingo stickers. Again, I used my Cricut to create my stickers. If you don’t have a Cricut, you can replicate this by cutting out the shapes by hand or even using a large circular punch to cut out the circle shaped characters. (But I really love using my Cricut for parties!)

DIY Bluey Cup for the party


  • Orange paper cups
  • Cricut Sticker Paper
  • Bluey & Bingo Sticker Pattern

Download the free Bluey & Bingo sticker template HERE for cups.

Upload the stickers to Cricut as a “Print and Cut” file. If you don’t know how to use print and cut, check out my previous article on print and cut.

After printing and cutting the stickers, peel them off and stick them on the mugs.

DIY bingo cup for the party

Bluey birthday party food

Because the guest list for this party was small, I went simple for the food. Chicken popcorn and grapes was the birthday girl’s request. For color I added orange sixlets and blue lollipops and made Bluey and Bingo popcorn.

Bluey Party Lollipops

Oh, and yes, those are Scooby Snacks in the middle of the table in the main photo. I thought they would be so cute because they’re shaped like bones, not thinking that they say “Scooby Snacks” on them. So I placed them on a plate upside down in the middle of the table and let the kids eat them anyway. They are so delicious, but not as cute as I thought.

Bluey and Bingo popcorn recipe is coming soon.

Bluey Popcorn Party Mix

Bluey and Bingo cupcake toppers

The birthday girl really wanted cupcakes. I ordered chocolate cupcakes with blue frosting at the grocery store, then topped them with orange sprinkles and small sprinkles of white bone. (I love bone nuggets!!!) And I made Bluey and Bingo cupcake toppers.

Download the Free Bluey & Bingo Cupcake Toppers Pattern HERE.

blue cupcake

Again I made the cupcake toppers with Cricut printing and cutting. After making them, I used hot glue to attach them to toothpicks.

Bluey Birthday Party Games

One of the things we love about Bluey is the family’s ability to turn anything and everything into a fun game. So I knew themed board games were a must. We even recreated some of my daughter’s favorite games from the series. During the evening we played:

  • Sticky Gecko – from “Sticky Gecko”
  • Bum shuffle races – from “Baby Race”
  • Dance party – from “Dance Mode”
  • Keepy Uppy – from “Keepy Uppy”
  • Bluey & Bingo’s BINGO (because it’s cute?!)
  • Bluey iSpy
  • Coloring sheets

sticky gecko was both a party game and a party favor. I bought all the kids their own sticky gecko to take home and made a sticky gecko target. (Yes, Bluey & Bingo throw their sticky gecko at the ceiling, but I wasn’t up for that, so I used contact paper to cover a target and attached it to our sliding glass door.) This game was played over and over and throughout the party.

Bluey Sticky Gecko Game

For the buttocks random races, I marked the floor at one end of the room with a piece of painter’s tape and ran the bum shuffle kids to the other side. Lots of Laughs.

A dancing parties and Keepy Uppy are self-explanatory if you’ve seen the episodes.

the Bluey Bingo & Bingo and Printable iSpy Games are available in my Etsy shop. I used white card stock for all my printables, and on the back of the iSpy game and answer sheet I printed coloring pages by This way the kids could watch the iSpy game and fill in the answers at the same time and later they could color.

Bluey coloring pages

As a bonus, if you’re not aware of all the character names, don’t worry, I’ve included them in the iSpy game so you can look smart in front of your kids.

Bluey Bingo Party Game Printable

Bluey Birthday Party Favors

In keeping with my daughter’s love of dressing up, I made party guests their own “real life” Bluey ears. Similar to the Minnie Mouse ears I made a long time ago and the monkey ears I made for a school play, the Bluey ears were a huge hit. And they’re simple to make – no sewing, just hot glue.

DIY Bluey Ears Tutorial

The DIY Bluey Ears tutorial is coming soon.

Since my daughter also loves stickers and tattoos, I made a sticker sheet for each party girl and some temporary tattoos. These favors were also created using my Cricut, and they are surprisingly easy to make.

DIY Bluey sticker sheet tutorial coming soon.

DIY Bluey Temporary Tattoos Tutorial coming soon.

Bluey Birthday Party Favors

Bluey Birthday Party Shirts

No one likes dressing up in a themed outfit more than our five year old, so getting the whole family involved in the theme was a must.

Bluey Birthday Party Dress

I found the dress months before her birthday and she declared it perfect. (Of course we had a crazy cold front, so the white shirt was a last minute addition.) It was from a small boutique that made a limited run of dresses, so unfortunately I can’t direct you to that exact dress. However, I found a similar one and I love this one too.

For the rest of the family, I designed our shirts! And I made them available in my Etsy shop:

  • Mom with Chili Heeler
  • Daddy with Bandit Heeler
  • Bingo & Bluey
  • #Squadgoals with Bluey’s Best Friends

Don’t mind you can’t see my husband’s shirt in the photo. He clearly didn’t understand the mission, but it says “Daddy” with a picture of the dancing Bandit.

Bluey Family Shirts

Bluey’s Birthday Party Shopping List

The big question I always get asked on my party posts is where to buy everything I’ve used. So here’s my shopping list for you.

Bluey birthday party tablescape


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