Barrow households show off their spookiest decorations ahead of Halloween 2021


SKELETS, pumpkins, scarecrows and ghouls have infiltrated homes in Barrow and beyond, as residents fully embrace the spooky season.

Halloween is just around the corner, which means the season for pumpkins, spooky costumes and goodies is upon us again.

Households in southern Cumbria prepared for this spooky event by dressing their homes in spooky decorations.

Last year Youth Club team leader Les McLeese came up with the idea of ​​throwing a citywide celebration to mimic the success of his Victory Day street party on Gleaston Avenue, Barrow. .

To engage others, he created a “Furness Scarecrow Avenue / Street” Facebook group, which now has nearly 6,000 members, to encourage the community to display spooky scarecrows outside their homes.

An estimated 6,000 scarecrows were created and displayed for last year’s event, which aimed to bring the community together in a safe manner during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr McLeese said: “The idea was that families and the community could work together to create scarecrows and, in their bubble, they could walk around the area and visit them.

“We were blown away by the response and the way the community came together.

“We have seen entire streets working together, local businesses donating items and working with local schools.

“We even got a few posts from some community members who said they normally don’t get involved with Halloween anymore as their kids have grown up, but it gave them the opportunity to participate in a community event.

“Seeing the community come together in such a creative way was great. We knew that if we had to start over this year there might be less interest, however some community members asked if we would, so we decided to put the event back on and hope that this will be the start of Barrow’s annual community event. ”

And households in Barrow and beyond have already started installing their Halloween decorations.

Mr McLeese said: “We have over 150 registered postal codes at the moment, but we understand that there are many more participants.

“We have the usual coloring contests. It would be great to see the streets working together again this year. Scarecrows can go up anytime, but we ask that they be on display between October 29 and 31.”

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