Aesthetic decoration ideas to surprise your beloved


Valentine’s Day, also known as Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day, falls on February 14 every year. On this day, people make gestures for those dear to them, remember their love and friendship, and express their feelings for each other. But, usually, it is very confusing how to decorate our house on this day. We are looking for a lot of things but are unable to come up with decorating ideas to make the house look aesthetically pleasing.

Here we are sharing some amazing ideas through which you can decorate your home in an extremely pleasing way. These ideas can help set the perfect mood for this Valentine’s Day.

Sharphearted Sons

For a lovely rustic touch, place a bowl of these wire-wrapped hearts in the center of your dining table. These are heart-shaped can make your dining table more beautiful and adorable.

Thumb Print Heart Mason Jar

You can take your fingerprint and that of your loved one on a mason jar. Try to take a pink or red colored imprint by painting a jar with a white background. Place this jar in your living room to create a beautiful keepsake for your future.

Conversation heart banner

Nothing could be easier than this felt conversation heart garland for last-minute decoration ideas for Valentine’s Day. You need to take some string, glue and a fabric marker to make this banner.

Be Mine Straw Toppers

No Valentine’s Day party would be complete without heart-shaped decorations adorning every inch of your home, including your straws. All of your guests snapchat selfies will be instantly enhanced with these cute toppers. You can place them in your bedroom or living room to make this day more special.

heart table runner

This is another easiest way to decorate your dining table. To construct this simple table runner, cut out a number of foam hearts and hot glue them together. Be sure to grab pink or red colored foam to make this heart shaped table runner.

photography banner

Well, that might sound interesting to you. On this Valentine’s Day, you can take photos of yourself and your loved one. Then you need glue, yarn and these pictures. Stick these photographs on the wire and stick them in your room. It can help ease your old memories.

love banner

Another easy DIY you can try at home. You may need a glue stick, paper, scissors. You can stick it on your wall as it can serve as a nice reminder.


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