5 virtual and office Halloween party ideas to cheer you up!


Who said Halloween was just for kids! Every year, many workplaces celebrate this holiday by having a fun and spooky Halloween party. As Halloween approaches, you’ll want to make sure your to-do list is overflowing with wwith fun ideas for an office Halloween party to remember.

While there are many ideas you can incorporate into your appropriate office celebration, only the best Halloween party ideas will be noticed by all coworkers. Here’s what you can do to make your virtual and office Halloween party “unforgettable”.

The 5 best virtual Halloween party ideas

Many people are still working remotely this year and they cannot be present to participate in the Halloween celebration from your office. For these workers, it’s best to make a few small but effective changes that will spice up the atmosphere a bit.

Let’s have a gourd time this year.

1. Virtual Halloween party decorations

If you only see your coworkers through chats and cameras, you can play around with some cool decorating ideas. Fill in the space behind you with words or hanging letters. Words like “Welcome” Where “Happy Halloween” will do.

Besides, you can place pumpkins behind your camera to feel the spirit of the Halloween party. Your colleagues will appreciate your efforts to make the atmosphere more pleasant.

2. Virtual Halloween Bingo

You can’t go wrong with virtual Halloween games, like bingo. It’s easy to share a pattern and play bingo with your teammates. You can simply send a card to each worker and randomize the squares. There are many models online and you can choose your favorites.

3. Virtual candy or spell

There are many ways to play Trick or Treat online with our colleagues. One of the best ways is to share goodies with your team. These treats can be gift cards, credits for downloading apps, or virtual wallpapers. When someone answers the question correctly, you can send them a treat. As easy as that.

4. Virtual Halloween costume ideas

There is nothing better than a good disguise on a Halloween night. Be creative and get a costume that will amaze the rest of your coworkers.

5. Zoom Halloween backgrounds

If you want to be noticed at a Halloween party, you can play with different Zoom backgrounds like haunted house, pumpkin or zombie desert. Try these backgrounds and your coworkers can do the same to get the spirit of the spooky backgrounds.

office halloween party ideas games

Eat, drink and be scary. Happy Halloween!

The 5 best Halloween party ideas at the office

A well-organized Halloween celebration is a great way to promote collaboration in the workplace. This season, we’ve got some fun Halloween party ideas for the office to make sure October 31 isn’t a total nightmare for you. With the collection of fun Halloween ideas below, your party will have everyone’s hearts racing in excitement (and fear)!

1. Halloween office costume

Similar to virtual Halloween costume ideas, you can dress up to look like a zombie or a witch. Movie monsters, Disney characters or guests from the future will also be noticed.

2. Halloween lunch pumpkin carving contest

This kind of contest will show your colleagues’ abilities to create interesting shapes. The Pumpkin Carving Contest is fun and showcases the skills needed to do something useful with a pumpkin.

3. Halloween food ideas for the party

It is best to use foods that are easy to handle, such as snacks or finger foods. Get a Halloween cheese board or Halloween themed snacks like orange devil eggs or spider cupcakes.

4. Halloween decoration

Make sure every corner of the desk is filled with candles and pumpkins. Don’t forget to include wallpapers and curtains in the office Halloween decor.

5. Halloween games

One of the most interesting Halloween games is pumpkin golf. You can get a big pumpkin and cut the bottom off to make a hole. You can use mini golf clubs and golf balls to hit the ball in the pumpkin’s mouth and earn points for your team.

Enjoy all the games and decorations and celebrate Halloween with your coworkers in the scariest way! Just because Halloween is the busiest time of the year doesn’t mean you need to skip the festivities.

What are your plans for Halloween this year? Whether you’re hosting a virtual Halloween party or a low-key Halloween celebration in the office, we’d love to know everything about your plans! Let us know in the comments below.


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