5 gift ideas for anime fans


Japanese animation is becoming more popular than it has ever been, and with this popularity comes an increase in the number of fans. Coming up with gift ideas for someone who is an anime fan can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the art form. Here are five perfect gifts to give an anime fan.

1. Posters

Posters are a must when it comes to gifts for someone who loves anime. Ranging from $5 to $15, you can find them at big box stores like walmart. Posters have a wide variety of designs and characters that you can purchase. Depending on your budget, you can buy them in bulk and they make a great inexpensive gift to rely on if you find yourself in a tight spot. You can even buy them directly from the anime production company itself. Studio Ghibli sells posters of their films on Ghibli Shop.

It’s also a great gift idea if the person you’re shopping for lives in an apartment or dorm.

“For me, posters are (an) inexpensive way to decorate my room,” said sophomore English student Stacey Evans.

2. Lively Streetwear

If the person you’re shopping for loves streetwear, anime-themed clothes would be perfect for a birthday present. There are a variety of items in different colors and sizes and some stores offer customization. Being able to wear these items again gives the individual a chance to express and share their interests with others. Stores that sell them include Uniqlo, Hyland and even factory outlets like spencer.

3. Manga Box

Manga is usually the source material for an anime, and in many cases is way ahead of the adaptation when it comes to content.

A manga box set is a collection of manga volumes in a single box and is often the best way to catch up on old issues in large quantities. This is often the cheapest way to read a long series. Manga box sets can be found at comic book stores and large online stores. If you’re in the DeKalb area and want some local shopping, check out Graham Crackers Comics901 Lucinda Avenue Unit C.

4. Peeker Stickers

Peeker stickers are tiny stickers of various anime characters and are a fun and cute way to spice up your everyday items such as laptops or desk items. They are affordable and inexpensive. Buying them in bulk is relatively easy to do on Amazon and is certainly useful for last minute gifts.

5. Figures

Figurines can be one of the most expressive art forms you can buy for an anime fan. Figures usually range from $30 to $100. There is limitless potential with figurines and given the wide range of manufacturers and distributors there is bound to be one that someone in particular loves. Some sites such as Ukiyo Kumo Premium Figure Imports specialize in figurines.


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