4 fabulous dressing room decoration ideas


In our showcase of storage spaces designed for both fashion and function, we combine style, luxury and functionality. An exciting dressing room is a basic requirement for every woman as she yearns for a delicate place where she can freely pamper, groom and feel like a Bollywood icon. As a space that’s usually quite hidden, you can really indulge in decorating, experimenting with colors, prints and ideas you wouldn’t dare use in the most frequently used rooms of your home.

Here we bring you 4 fabulous dressing room decoration ideas that will make you feel gorgeous every day.

1. Include seats in a locker room

If you have room in your walk-in closet, an ottoman, bench or window seat not only provides a convenient place to perch while putting on shoes or looking at your clothes while deciding what to wear, but it can also serve disturbance. Poufs are ideal for storing bulkier seasonal clothes that you always want easy access to, such as jackets and sweaters. They are also perfect for storing bags or shoes.

natural light

2. Lights to spruce up your dressing room

Natural light is the best lighting source for a walk-in closet, but it’s not always possible. Due to the lack of windows or the fact that it is also used at night. Therefore, the type of light installed inside must be white, neutral and warm, since it is essential not to distort the colors of the clothes in order to feel comfortable inside.


3. Include a compact dressing table

Even if it’s small, a dressing table is a great addition to a walk-in closet. They offer the perfect storage solution for small accessories, jewelry and makeup. In addition, transforming a sink area into a dressing room frees up space in the bedroom. Just make sure the area is well lit and hang a large mirror above it to make it a functional and aesthetic place to get ready.

4. Use mirrored doors to expand your wardrobe

If you’re filling a small storage space, you need to keep it from feeling claustrophobic. Closets that reach the ceiling maximize storage while making the room look smaller. Mirrored doors on cabinets or furniture in light-enhancing colors and glossy finishes can help combat this.

These super chic dressing room ideas are both functional and beautiful, and they’ll no doubt inspire you to make better use of your space.

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