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Warm weather and beautiful flowers are just around the corner, and the easiest way to usher in spring is to add a fun and cool wreath to your front door. Whether you’re buying wreaths made from artificial flowers or dried herbs and plants, or fancy DIY yourself with fresh flowers, these wreaths – and a few non-traditional wreath alternatives and styles – are the way. ideal for celebrating the end of winter. It might not be Spring Solstice time yet (which falls on March 19 of this year, by the way), but that doesn’t mean you can’t start decorating like it is. the case. Additionally, if you are celebrating Easter, there are a number of festive options to choose from as well.

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Lemon blueberry wreath

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$ 195.00

Lemons, blueberries and tons of greenery form a beautiful wreath that will last until spring and summer.

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Fresh wreath of Grevillea and Leucadendron

This wreath features spring colors but still has a wintery feel, meaning you can ride it as early (and leave it on for as long) as you want.

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Wreath of yellow and white tulips


$ 79.99

In the spring, you can never have too many tulips, especially when they are a bright sunny yellow.

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Wreath of dried flowers


$ 79.95

If you want to avoid artificial flowers in favor of the real deal, try a preserved flower crown – they will look gorgeous and last for years to come.

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Yellow Forsythia Wreath

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$ 150.00

Yellow forsythia flowers add a bright, fresh color without feeling overly floral.

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Lavender Forsythia Twig Wreath

If yellow isn’t your color, this purple forsythia wreath is also very trendy.

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Eucalyptus and strawberry wreath

This double crown is too pretty to pass up – it’s twice the style, after all.

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Olive wreath

Almost natural

Keep it simple with an olive wreath that you can use long after spring.

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Dried tropical wreath

This wreath is the perfect option to take you from spring to summer, thanks to its mix of pastel colors and tropical flowers.

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Bishop lace crown

Crown deposit

$ 63.68

This purple and white bishop lace wreath adds cool spring hues in an elegant way.

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Gomphrena wreath

Wildflowers and dried twigs make this pink and purple wreath a total wonder.

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Spring branch wreath of paper roses

This wreath features a mix of faux greenery and paper roses and it’s so realistic you can’t even tell.

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Eucalyptus pink ranunculus wreath

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$ 140.00

A lush green eucalyptus wreath is only made more stunning with the addition of cascading pink ranunculus flowers.

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Pink Tulip Wreath Medley

Crown deposit

This wreath made of different shades of pink tulips could be as elastic as it gets.

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Modern Dahlia Wreath


$ 79.00

Be modern with this open dahlia wreath that showcases a thin silver or gold metal hoop.

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Farmer’s Market Herb Wreath


$ 159.95

This beautiful wreath is made from real herbs and dried flowers, such as lavender, sage and thyme.

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Speckled egg wreath


$ 16.59

If you are celebrating Easter, this wreath is a fun choice for the holidays and the whole season.

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Easter carrot wreath


$ 64.95

Another adorable Easter option? This crown of carrots is made from dried wheat.

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Spring peony wreath


$ 55.00

You can personalize this beautiful peony wreath to add the words “hello” or “welcome”, or even personalize it with your monogram.

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Hydrangea berry wreath

Cream hydrangeas add a nice floral touch without being too bold in the color department.

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Multicolored peony wreath

Peonies in different shades, shapes and sizes make this wreath even more fun.

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Wreath of white fake flowers and ferns

Keep it simple and neutral with this faux fern wreath adorned with tiny white flowers.

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Felt flower wreath


$ 66.00

Forget fresh and artificial flowers – felt flowers are the trend you must try.

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Tulip bucket wreath

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$ 145.00

Step out of the circle and hang a bucket full of flowers in place of your typical wreath.

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Dried corn husk heart wreath


$ 20.49

Put on this heart wreath made from dried corn husks for Valentine’s Day and leave it on all season.

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Berry heart wreath


$ 29.97

Or opt for this heart-shaped wreath made of faux berries instead.

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Monogram Door Decor

If you can’t help but obsess over everything monogrammed, you need to make this DIY monogram floral door hanger. It might not be a traditional crown, but it will do.

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