20 best gift ideas for beer lovers in 2021



It’s not just runners who like to end the day with a crispy beer. Whether you know someone who prefers stouts or IPAs, they’ll all love a gift focused on their favorite afternoon activity.

We’ve tapped into our bank of trusted resources to find the best fun (and functional) gifts for the beer lover in your life – and maybe there’s something for you, too! We’ve made sure to cast a wide net to include clothing, containers, decorations, and gear so you’re sure to find something that will bring some extra good humor this holiday season.

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Beer equipment

On a Beer Race – Racerback Tank Top

This top is ideal for a morning run or a beer run, and is available in pink and blue. The fabric is super soft and has an aged and vintage look.


Cold beer for days

64 oz Hydro Flask Beer Growler

Whether on a day hike or an ultra marathon, this double insulated growler will keep your beer cool and cold for over 25 hours.


Bottle opener that fits in a pocket

Zootility Tools Beer & Friends Wallet Bottle Opener

Thin as a credit card, this bottle opener can go everywhere with you and won’t clutter up your keychain.


For frozen drinks

BrüMate Hopsulator BOTT’L

This coozie comes in 17 different colors and can keep a drink cool for hours. Whether it’s chilling a post-race beer or a tailgate brewskie, it will stay cold as long as you drink it.


Light beer socks

Bevy SockGuy socks for men

Show your love of beer by pounding the curb. These comfy socks are sure to be rewarding.


Infuse your food

Beer Infused BBQ Sauce – Set of 3

Don’t just drink beer, eat it too. This set of three barbecue sauces is infused with beer and comes in Thai Sriracha, Honey Mustard and BBQ flavor.


For the day of the race

Limited Edition Zensah Running Socks

These beer socks also offer some compression, making them a great choice for runs or speed work.


For the evening of wine

Stemless wine glass for recovery drink

Whether you’re filling it with gatorade or wine, this stemless glass is perfect for holding your salvage drink of choice.


Beer inspired soap

Beer + Cigarette Soap

No, this soap won’t let them smell like beer and cigarettes. Instead, it takes on some of the more palatable scents like tobacco, lavender, and hops, giving it a smoky, woody, and surprisingly clean scent.


Post-marathon beer glass

Running distances Large glass cup

This stein is very durable and is available in 6 different printing colors. In addition, the artist allows you to personalize it with personal designs.


For shower beers

Sudski 30 Watt Portable Shower Cup Holder for Beer Can

Every runner knows the bliss of a shower beer after a hard workout, but while you don’t just repeat miles, there’s nothing like a crisp brew in a steamy shower after a long day. This can holder adheres to shiny surfaces like tiles or glass and puts your beer within easy reach.


For animal lovers

Personalized Pet Beer Glass

Do you know someone who loves beer and loves their pet more? This Etsy shop allows you to print a photo of their beloved pet on a beer glass of your choice. You can also add their name or custom text.


Brew at home

Home brewing kit for beer

Brew your own beer in the comfort of your home. This kit is available in 12 different recipe types ranging from IPAs to stouts to GF beer.


For Home Tastings

Spiegelau Luxury Craft Beer Tasting Kit

These fancy glasses make every drink a little more chic. Whether your friend is using a keg or a bottle, these glasses make drinking even more fun.


If they prefer alcohol

New York 26.2 Marathon Map Rocks Glass

This unique glass is ideal for New York marathon runners who prefer to drink straight. It is engraved with the marathon course and makes a great post-race gift.


Decorate their bar

Set of 4 Craft Beer Gift Posters

These printed posters add class to any bar space and are available in 5 different colors and countless sizes. Although they are beer posters, they have a charming and sophisticated vibe that can keep them from being banished to the male cave.


Beer on tap anywhere

GrowlerWerks uKeg Go Carbonated Growler

This Growler is designed to drink on the go. Whether it’s chasing or cheering on marathon runners, this growler will keep beer cool and cold for hours on end and deliver freshly drawn beer wherever you are.


Upgrade any beer

Campfire beer caramelizer

For backyard fireplaces or chilly camping nights, try this old-fashioned technique to bring out the hidden flavors in your beer. The heat from the stem caramelizes the natural sugars in beer and brings out a smoky, sweet taste and frothy texture.


Wine and beer opener

Pocket bottle opener

You’ve heard of a portable bottle opener for beer, but this one can tackle a bottle of wine as well. Plus, it slips easily over your keychain so you can take it anywhere.


Try new beers every month

Membership of the Craft Beer Club

Treat them to a Craft Beer Club membership where they discover 4 new beers per month (12 bottles in total) with micro-brewery options all over the US

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